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SISI ADIRE is an international event and beauty pageant which showcases the positive attributes of the African women. Because beauty is inert in every human, SISI ADIRE Possess the aim of furthering, mentoring, rebranding and promoting the career of the African women in AFRICA and abroad.
SISI ADIRE provides scholarships, mentoring and tutorship in fashion, music art and teaches community service. The competition imposes its emphasis on the beauty and strength of the African heritage and less on the outward attractiveness and instead of physical beauty alone; this pageant prides ‘’ beauty of nature and that of the mind’’. SISI ADIRE delegated itself to the purpose of selecting an honorable African young lady who is to represent the face and culture of the African people, both home and abroad for the period of 12 months.


The pageant is one of the prestigious inherit beauty pageants that roots for the beauty and competence of the young women of the African descent. It is aimed at creating a total over haul in beauty, entertainment, Sport and Fashion industry and further making the African women a face and a force to be reckoned with in Africa and regions beyond. The SISI ADIRE is about Glitz, poise, Glamour, Intellect, Beauty, elegance, Grace, Talent and many more. The winner will portray exemplary qualities, and will serve as a role model for young African women in general.


Because SISI ADIRE is a preliminary competition, this pageant reflects on this below rules, the rules are strict and simple. All contestants should be women of African ancestry. Aspirants should have never been married or have annulled a marriage, all candidates should be naturally born females, and aspiring candidates must at least be 5’6 feet tall and aged between 18-26 years old. Ideal candidates are single, no criminal records, and must have minimum 50% African lineage. The ideal candidates must have the confidence to win. She must be out going, positive driven and has the desire to represent the community while doing humanitarian works. She must be able to stand out among the rest, and should be able to demonstrate a winning personality and must be able to be the ambassador of ADIRE for the period of 12 months.


Screening exercises are held at designated venues to select contestants and successful auditionees will be coached on modeling etiquette and stage presence and management in the process of the competition. Aspirants will be asked to purchase and fill an application form to be submitted to the pageant organizers. In the pageants early stage, Candidate will be encouraged to comfortably participate in their own swim wear, bikini, evening gowns, folks wear and during the semifinal stages, the organizers will provide the contestants that made it to the final stages with wears and accessories for the final stage in the competition.
The segments will launch interviews, talent, dance, music and parade.
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